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Final Report Summary - CHINAPARTS (Responding to Development Challenges in China Through Research and Assessment of Suitable Industrial Protocol in the Processing of Fruits and Vegetables)

The People's Republic of China has made significant efforts to develop economic agreements with the European Union (EU). This has also long been a priority for the EU.

The first months of the CHINAPARTS project were dedicated to organising and implementing the project website, project brochure in English and Mandarin, and first workshop. Workshop preparation involved detailing a workshop programme, identifying European and Chinese experts from the fruit and vegetable processing sector to discuss current Chinese policies, standards and practices. A successful workshop was conducted in Beijing, People's Republic of China on 7 June 2004. In line with this workshop, three onsite visits were conducted to fruit and vegetable processing facilities within the Beijing area. A summary document of key policies, practices and standards for Chinese agro-food processing of fruit and vegetables was also produced.

The second CHINAPARTS workshop took place in Beijing, People's Republic of China on 16 and 17 December 2004. The workshop focused on the development of an international scientific platform for the agro-food industry and was attended by 40 stakeholders from China and Europe (Austria, France, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain and United Kingdom) active in the agro-food processing field and leaders of various areas within the agro-food sector such as research, industry, and government.

Subsequent to the workshop a cross-border agro-food processing platform strategy was developed. A database of contacts in the agro-food sector involving European and Chinese organisations was created. This database aims at supporting the implementation of a cross border agro-food platform, foster the exchange of experiences in the Scientific and technological (S&T) field and contribute to the development of new partnerships. This database can be accessed through the CHINAPARTS project website. A database guidelines document was produced.

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