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Final Report Summary - CREATION (Connecting Russian and European technologies and innovation systems)

In the globalised world, Research and development (R&D) are moving forward to the ever freer and faster exchange of scientific results, information and research personnel between countries.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) contribute to a more innovation friendly environment in Europe, improved conditions for the diffusion of new technologies, the emergence of new economic activities and fostering the innovation culture. The technology-based SMEs are the principle creators of future economic growth and employment. New and dynamic entrepreneurial initiatives are important for competitiveness and job-creating potential. All this can now be fully attributed to the developing sector of Russian innovative units and SMEs.

Funded under the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6), CREATION was focused on development of an efficient and sustainable infrastructure for information support to Russia's SMEs participation in FP6 and European Union (EU) stakeholders interested in international cooperation with Russian Research and technological development (RTD) units and innovative SMEs, thus compensating the deficiency of information sources both in Russia and in the EU.

The key aspects of the project were two-way EU-Russia information flow and services. The services generated opportunities for encouraging international SMEs and research organisations partnership. The internet accessible partner search tool 'Russian RTD units & innovative SMEs' with classification of the presented institutions by FP6 thematic priorities, as well as the published directory of the same name made it easy to get contact details of high-tech SMEs and research centres in Russia.

The tailor-made website, regularly issued information digests, assistance and consultancy services on all aspects of participation in FP6 established in Moscow and St. Petersburg have facilitated the participation of Russian SMEs and research institutions in FP6.

Two international training workshops 'Participation of Russian RTD organisations and small and medium enterprises in the Sixth Framework Programme and innovation activities' were carried out by the project partner Austrian Research Promotion Agency in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The workshop collected more than 200 representatives of Russian research organisations and SMEs, authorities from the Ministry for Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the European Commission (EC) DG for Research and INTAS.

Russian-language web services and regular information digests presented to Russian audience results of the EU RTD programmes and technology offers, consequently introducing new technological opportunities for Russian SMEs, raising their awareness of external new technology resources and promoting international co-operation in the innovation field.

Thus, the CREATION project objectives and activities targeting Russia's integration to the European Research Area (ERA) noticeably contributed to the general objective of international cooperation activities carried out under the FP6 to help open up the ERA to the rest of the world.

The project provided European SMEs and research organisations with access to knowledge and expertise available in Russia and facilitated participation of Russian RTD units and SMEs in the INCO and the broader Priority Thematic Areas in the context of the FP6 new instruments.

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