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AGRINERGY Résumé de rapport

Project ID: 44437
Financé au titre de: FP6-POLICIES
Pays: Germany

Final Report Summary - AGRINERGY (EU Bioenergy Policies and their effects on rural areas and agriculture policies)

The AGRINERGY project aimed to analyse and understand the socio-economic, environmental and societal issues of European Union (EU) bioenergy policies and their effects on future Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), and how they fit into the concept of sustainable rural development.

The key objectives of the AGRINERGY project were to summarise and explain the link between CAPs, the development of rural areas, environmental protection, trade policies and EU bioenergy policies. Second, one of the objectives was to bring together policymakers, decision makers, stakeholders and experts in the field of the CAP, bioenergy, environment and international trade, in order to develop a common language and understanding. Finally, it aimed to develop cornerstones for future EU bioenergy-policy-making, ensuring the sustainable use of biomass for bioenergy (environmentally friendly and socially acceptable) and analysing synergies for the development of rural areas in Europe.

The milestones and deliverables achieved during the project, i.e. from 1 May 2007 to 31 October 2008 were the following:
1. A project kick-off meeting was held on 10-11 May 2007 in Berlin with all project partners and the European Commission's scientific officer Piero Venturi, DG RTD.
2. At the beginning of the project a project website (please see online) has been established, that informed about the progress, relevant links and project results.
3. A general survey 'EU bioenergy policies and their effects on rural areas and agriculture policies' was prepared and finished by May 2008 and updated in September 2008. It provides a comprehensive overview of the links between the CAP, rural development and EU biomass policies as well as international trade impacts. The target audience of the general survey is the scientific community, policy makers and the interested wider public. In order to prepare the general survey, a review of relevant literature has been carried out. The literature covered includes legal and policy issues as well as scientific and technical issues related to biomass production. The survey also bases on the AGRINERGY expert workshop, which was held in Brussels in November 2007.
4. An expert workshop was organised in Brussels on 20 November 2007. Building on the outcomes of the general survey, three background papers for discussion in the working groups have been prepared: The first two issues on biomass and their interface to trade policies and rural development were discussed in breakout groups. The third topic on sustainable bioenergy supply addressed a wide range of policy measures and was discussed within the whole group.

To summarise, the participants of the AGRINERGY workshop have raised many doubts about the compatibility of an expansion of biomass production in exporting (developing) countries with international sustainable development. These doubts concern, inter alia, rising food prices with severe consequences for the poor, land competition between energy crops and food production, accelerated Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions due to deforestation and land use changes, and harmed land rights of indigenous people. The main conclusion of the experts' discussion was therefore that trade in biomass needs to be beneficial both for combating climate change and for biomass producers and society in exporting countries. Efforts should be deployed to ensure that the development of international sustainability criteria and certification systems for biomass production contribute to reaching socioeconomic and environmental objectives.

The dissemination activities, such as the creation of the AGRINERGY website, the dissemination of results via newsletters and publications and the preparation of materials and summaries after the workshop and the conference have been undertaken all along the project. The AGRINERGY research objectives, research papers, meeting and dissemination documents are available at the AGRINERGY project website:

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