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Final Report Summary - E-MENSA (Electronic platform technologies for the European agri-food supply chain)

The ultimate aim of the E-MENSA project was to establish a multidisciplinary cross-fertilisation network among stakeholders active in the agri-food chain in order to develop a shared vision for food supply chain management infrastructures and strategies across Europe. It addressed the possibility of increasing safety and quality standards of the complete food chain, from the production source to consumption, by the introduction of electronic platforms.

Amongst the results of the project was the establishment of leading network which comprised a multidisciplinary network of experts and players in the field of agri-food e-platforms as well as the development of a new model for Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the so-called Small and medium-sized enterprise chain model (SMEC) which is based on the need to have a common strategy amongst food chain players. Centralised e-platforms with dominant players would possibly facilitate implementation while decentralised e-platforms with even power for each player would possibly facilitate long-term cooperation. The e-platforms would increase the confidence of markets and consumers concerning the safety and quality of the agri-food supply.

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