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Final Report Summary - COMPARE (Development and validation of a standards comparison methodology)

The ultimate aim of the COMPARE project was to provide a generic methodology suitable for the comparison of standards from different international standardisation bodies. Specifically, the project had the following objectives:
- validate the developed methodology by performing a comparison between a set of selected standards, such as the three European Co-operation for Space Standardisation (ECSS) standards and those applicable for the Ukrainian space industry;
- harmonise selected standards so that they meet both the Ukrainian and the European space industry needs;
- define the methodology application and enable comparison activities for various types of standards in different industry domains stemming from various international standardisation bodies.

The project objectives and goals have been achieved by elaboration of:
- a methodology for comparison of standards, namely a four-step process which consisted in entity determination, keyword identification, comparison entity linking and equivalence ranking;
- comparison results stemming from three ECCS selected standard domains, i.e. project organisation, configuration management and quality assurance, and the corresponding ones which apply in Ukraine and the European Space Agency (ESA) member states;
- harmonisation potentials for standards.

More specifically, adaptation of the Ukrainian standards' requirements with respect to the corresponding ones of ECSS has been achieved through the application of a new standards revision procedure. On the one hand, the methodology has been considered as an exploitable result, and on the other hand, the comparison results and the derived harmonisation potentials have been considered suitable for dissemination

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