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Final Report Summary - WISE (Integrated wireless sensing)

The ultimate aim of the WISE project was the integration of wireless technologies in the aircraft systems, for which the power sensor needs to be autonomous. More specifically, its objectives included:
- enhancing the aircraft monitoring system by deploying new wireless technologies and integrating sensing solutions pertinent to compatible autonomous power sensors of low consumption;
- allowing the monitoring of new parameters which did not emerge in the monitoring of physical links;
- simplifying or replacing complex existing wireless solutions with physical links when needed;
- continuing the monitoring or improving redundancy when the physical link would be impaired;
- improving information segregation.

The objectives of this research project were achieved by developing the following technologies:
- Radio frequency (RF) transmission through open air medium that could remotely power the sensing element;
- an RF transmission technique for transmission through an environment comprising a metallic or composite aircraft structure;
- a technique which would enable energy and data transmission through a close metallic envelope

With regard to the research objectives, the project succeeded in reducing the aircraft operating and installation costs, improving the availability and dispatch rate through a simplification in the maintenance system, reducing the cost of ground and flight test installation due to wire removal, improving the rotorcraft performance due to an improvement in the air intake temperature sensing accuracy, improving the man-machine interface as well as reducing the accident rate.

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