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LASERPOM Streszczenie raportu

Project ID: 513275
Źródło dofinansowania: FP6-SME
Kraj: Spain

Final Report Summary - LASERPOM (Low cost laser power metre with ultra-fast response for continuous online monitoring)

The ultimate aim of the LASERPOM project was to develop a power metre which would measure and monitor the laser power of either continuous or pulsed lasers in various optical spectral ranges. Novel nanomaterials would be developed in order to produce a sensor for the power metre which would exhibit high sensitivity values as well as a high degree of linear behaviour.

The project succeeded in developing three prototypes based on the use of optical active surfaces containing nanoparticles the choice of which was based on the optical spectral range. The first prototype had been designed in order to monitor the power of lasers operating in the Ultraviolet (UV), visual and Near-infrared (NIR) range. The system exhibited linear behaviour over the whole dynamic range. The sensor's bandwidth was 100 kHz. Moreover, the sensor provided information regarding the polarisation angle of the incoming beam with an accuracy of 5 degrees. The second prototype was produced specifically for fibre-coupled lasers. The system provided accurate measurements of the laser power over a specific power range; namely, from 0.25 up to 250 W. The third prototype was produced in order to monitor the power of industrial carbon dioxide (CO2) cutting of welding laser systems. A high degree of linearity within the power range of 0 up to 30 kW had been achieved and the response time was 100 ms.

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