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Final Activity Report Summary - SUPER (Supramolecular devices at surfaces)

SUPER provided highest level of training through research to five most promising young early stage researchers in four main areas of research:
1. supramolecular synthetic chemistry, development of complex arrangements with potential for construction of prototypes of nanowires and switches;
2. nanofabrication of metallic nanostructures using top-down approaches;
3. study of the self-assembly of hybrid metallic-supramolecular architectures and tuning the properties of a single molecule in a supramolecular ensemble at surfaces;
4. development of prototypes of supramolecular wires and switches operating at surfaces.

The project overall made it possible for these young researchers to acquire an interdisciplinary education by investigating in detail the relationship between architecture and function in supramolecular systems for organic- and nano-electronics.

In particular, the use of nanoscale approaches allowed for the study of various physicochemical properties of supramolecular architectures. Such findings were crucial for the optimisation of nanodevices' performance.

The appointees were exposed to training in this emerging field at the interface between chemistry, physics and engineering. The training combined indoors and outdoors activity. The indoors included the active laboratory research under the supervision of the PhD thesis advisor, following courses at the doctoral school, participation to over 50 conferences, seminars and workshops organised at ISIS-ULP in the frame of SUPER, as well as the active participation to weekly group meetings. Outdoors included active participation to international conferences and schools as well as short visits to other laboratories of external collaborators.

The success of the project was reflected, among others, by the long list of publications in high ranking journals as well as by presentations at conferences.

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