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Final Activity Report Summary - TRANSPAT (Labour Market Transition Patterns under Alternative Policy Regimes: Towards a Multinational Comparative Research Agenda)

The principal objective of this project was to contribute towards the formation of a new international research consortium capable of carrying out a genuinely comparative research project on the interaction between labour market policy and welfare state reforms as well as on labour market flexibility and (in)security (the so-called 'flexicurity') in diverse institutional settings and under varying market conditions.

The main task of the Marie Curie fellow, Prof. Axel van den Berg of McGill University in Montreal, Canada, was to contribute his expertise and experience in setting up and administering international comparative research on labour market policy and flexibility versus security nexus to assist the members of the thematic network on 'Managing social risks through transitional labour markets' (TLM.NET), which was funded by the European Community's Fifth Framework Programme (FP5), in formulating new integrated research around which such a new consortium could be formed. As a means towards this end, Prof. van den Berg played an active role in the organisational and editorial activities of TLM.NET during the final year of its existence and co-authored the network's official policy report, 'Managing social risks through transitional labour markets: Towards an enriched European employment strategy', together with Prof. Erik de Gier, who then served as a director of the Institute for Social Sciences (SISWO), Social Policy Research, which was the institute hosting Prof. van den Berg.

The efforts of Prof. van den Berg and his colleagues resulted in the successful formation of a new international consortium consisting of a multidisciplinary group of leading researchers from 20 institutions in 13 countries. This group produced a carefully designed, thoroughly integrated multidisciplinary and multi-level four-year research plan, the 'Transitions in welfare and employment regimes: Towards the modernisation of the European social model' (TRANSWELL) for which funding was sought by the time of the project completion. Once completed, the project results would provide the most authoritative source of top-quality scientific information available to support the efforts of policy makers to modernise and extend the European employment strategy and the European social model. This research would have profound implications for policy-making with respect to such social problems as employment and unemployment, poverty, earnings inequality, economic competitiveness, pension system sustainability, and so on.

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