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Final Activity Report Summary - BIONEL (Bioanalytical electrochemistry and bionanotechnology)

In this project, five PhD students have been trained for three years each and by the end of this project they have all started to finalise their doctoral theses. The PhD students have been financed by the project for three years and by various research grants / faculty for an additional year (according to the Swedish system for which a PhD takes net four years). About half their time they have been taking advanced courses and half time they have been devoted to experimental research, publishing, scientific conferences, etc. They have all published a number of scientific articles in peer reviewed international periodicals (which is a requirement in Sweden to get a PhD). They have also been active in teaching undergraduates.

This Early Stage Training Site was divided into five main subprojects and in each subproject one PhD student was recruited. The subprojects were as follows:
Project 1) Amperometric- and impedance measurements on eukaryotic cells (yeast and mammalian cells). PhD student: Natalie Kostesha (female, Russia). nine-months fellows: Zdenka Fohlerova (female, Slovakia, and Nicholas Haslett (male, New Zealand).
Project 2) Electron transfer mechanisms at cell membranes and / or living prokaryotic cells (bacteria). PhD student: Vasile Coman (male, Romania). nine-months fellows: Arnonas Finkelsteinas (male, Lithuania) and Sergey Alferov (male, Russia).
Project 3) Characterisation of exocytosis from stem cell derived neurons. PhD student: Jan Toennesen (male, Denmark). nine-months fellow: Denisa Lojkova (female, Czech Republic).
Project 4) Encapsulation of cells into polymers for stabilisation and self-assembling into arrays. PhD student Karolina Haberska (female, Poland). nine-months fellow: Marius Dagys (male, Lithuania).
Project 5) Development of nano-Interdigitated Electrodes (nIDEs) and their arrays. PhD student: Lars Henrik Daeli Skjolding (male, Denmark). eight-months fellow: Genis Turon Teixidor (male, Spain).

Additionally seven short term early stage researchers have been trained within this project, six for nine months, one for eight months. Most of these have / will have at least one scientific paper published in an international peer reviewed periodical.
Of the 242 manmonths used in the project, 188 manmonths were used by trainees from within the European Union (EU) and 54 manmonths by trainees from outside the EU. Of the 242 manmonths 152 (63 %) were used to support male trainees and 90 (37 %) were used to support female trainees. The aim was to have 50:50 but this is possibly the main and only big failure of this project.

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