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Final Activity Report Summary - TEL-CONVERGENCE (The role of convergence in telecommunication in development of consumption of information services - comparative analysis of international experiences)

Participation in the Marie Curie scholarship influenced the development of my scientific career to a high degree. By the realisation of my project at the Technical University of Denmark, I had a chance to cooperate with high class specialists in the domain of convergence.

Thanks to scientific support of my scientist-in-charge, prominent specialist in domain of convergence, I had a chance to gain a new knowledge and to learn modern research methods. My scientist-in-charge enabled me to participate in research groups, conferences and exchange of experiences with other specialists in the domain of convergence, which helped me to broaden my view on the researched subject.

Due to participation in numerous conferences and workshops I had an opportunity not only to raise my qualifications in the domain covered by my research, but also to gain knowledge in new scientific areas.

Important is also the fact, that the project has been realised in Denmark, a country which is a leader in ICT use. As a consequence I had access to the newest literature scientific research connected with the processes of convergence.

The realisation of this project enabled me to deepen my knowledge concerning convergence which will be presented on thematic conferences, seminaries and during academic lectures.

The knowledge gained during the project realisation may contribute to the Information society formation in Poland.

My stay on the scholarship has led to the establishment of cooperation between scientific staff from Technical University of Denmark and Szczecin University and contributed to student exchange.

Work, which was made during the scholarship, is part of the habilitation dissertation, which will be finished within this year. It will enable me to become an associate professor.

Thanks to the Marie Curie scholarship I have established contacts with recognised researchers, who invited me to cooperate in the realisation of the new project of the European Union, MAGNET.

The most important scientific achievement:
- build up a network of contacts;
- gain experience of transnational research;
- exchange experience and knowledge between Centre for Information and Communication Technologies at Technical University of Denmark and Szczecin University;
- obtain practical and theoretical knowledge about convergence;
- widen the knowledge of information society in European countries;
- get a variety of viewpoints on convergence and information society issues;
- carry out research as part of the applicant's habilitation work;
- obtain expertise in new areas by participation in new projects within framework of Centre for Information and Communication Technologies;
- develop my professional competences by participation in workshops, conferences, and research groups.

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