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Final Activity Report Summary - INDIAPROPERTYRIGHTS (Property rights theory and reform of public infrastructure (electricity, water)in developing countries private-public partnerships ...)

Five research articles have been published in refereed journals in United States, United Kingdom and France. We have attempted to cover economic journals, but also journals from geography or political science, as our approcah is pluri-disciplianry in nature.

Our main theoretical paper on link between property rights and the informational structure in public infrastructure organisations in developing countries, that was finalised in 2005, has benefited from its dissemination as a DESTIN working paper and received comments.

A journal version is currently with Energy Economics, the leading journal in the field, in which one referee has already given a positive feed-back. From the field work realised on industrial issues related to realignement of property rights regimes in India, a report has been compiled and made widely available on the net. Further to this preliminary work, the grant for the international program for advanced studies by the MSH (Paris) and Columbia University was received. That will allow finalising a book on this in the first semester of 2007.

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