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Final Activity Report Summary - PATTERNS (Unifying principles in non-equilibrium pattern formation)

The PATTERNS network focussed on self-organisation, self-assembly and pattern formation in a diverse range of materials' systems and across a broad range of length scales. From the assembly of nanoparticle arrays from colloidal solutions to the formation of fingering patterns in cornstarch samples, the network provided key insights not only into the physics of specific systems but also into the universality of certain elements of pattern formation. Key collaborative projects included:
1. developing control of the self-organisation of nanoparticles on solid sub-states via a thorough understanding of the physics underpinning the plethora of patterns observed in these systems, such as cellular networks, labyrinthine domains, fingering instabilities, correlated droplet patterns etc.;
2. correlating charge transport with topology in nanostructured systems via graph theory combined with Monte Carlo simulations and experiments;
3. fabrication of novel and functional patterns in polymer systems via electric-field instabilities;
4. exploiting dewetting and wettability gradients for microfluidic and 'nanofluidic' applications;
5. coercing nonlinear non-equilibrium patterns in oscillatory reaction and diffusion media via laser pulses.

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