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Final Activity Report Summary - SULPHATE TRANSPORTER (Study of the sulphate exchanger Tat1 (SLC26A8) in spermatogenesis: ... and genetic investigation in the aetiology of human infertility)

Tat1 (Slc26A8) is an anion transporter belonging to the solute carrier 26 (SLC26) family and exclusively expressed, in the adult testis, in cells undergoing spermatogenesis.

We characterised a mutant mouse model which was deleted for Tat1 gene and observed that homozygous mutant males were sterile due to defects in sperm morphology and total lack of sperm motility.

These results indicated that Tat1 was a critical factor for male fertility, therefore we decided to investigate Tat1 implication in human male infertility. We analysed sperm preparations from a cohort of patients showing defects in sperm motility, i.e. asthenozoospermia, and found a case with an absence of Tat1 expression in the sperm of the patient, suggesting that Tat1 gene could be implicated. By the time of the project completion, we were confirming this result via an analysis of the Tat1 gene sequence in this patient and we were also searching for mutations. Finally, we initiated a programme in order to identify possible inhibitors of Tat1 anion transport activity. This should provide useful tools for further studies of Tat1 function and would also serve as a basis for the development of potential molecules for male contraception.

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