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Final Activity Report Summary - SEAS (Sol-gel environmental agents sensors. design, production and characterisation)

This scientific project intended the detection or measurement of environmental parameters affecting negatively the integral conservation of historical and cultural materials and objects.

The most important scientific achievement reached in this project has been the development of sensitive sol-gel systems against environmental parameters such as temperature, light, acidity and humidity. Sol-gel systems can incorporate different organic or inorganic dopants (chromophores) into their microporous gel structure, in such a way their optical properties are preserved once immobilised in the solid-state gel matrix. The sensors optical response (absorption and transmission) has been measured under artificial conditions in climatic chambers and calibration curves have been built.

The work plan has been attained in time, realistic and coherent with the proposed objectives. Moreover, a new family of environmental sensors useful in preventive conservation tasks for cultural assets has been developed and could be produced in practise. In addition, these sensors incorporate a societal and economical benefit, since they related to low-cost materials and devices for adequate preservation of historical and cultural heritage.

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Capus Universitari, 08193 Cerdanyola del Vallès
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