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Final Activity Report Summary - NEWTINST EC6-2 (Isaac Newton Institute for mathematical sciences Marie Curie conferences and training courses, framework 6 series two)

The Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences is devoted to the Mathematical Sciences in the broadest sense and in this respect differs significantly from similar institutes in other countries. It has established an international reputation for hosting interdisciplinary programmes of the highest scientific quality. Research in mathematics, as in many other sciences, tends to consist of major breakthroughs, with rapid exploitation of new ideas, followed by long periods of consolidation. For the Isaac Newton Institute to be an exciting and important world centre, it has to be involved with the breakthroughs rather than the consolidation.

Each of the Institute's programmes is designed to promote national and international research at the very highest level, in selected fields. The programmes are structured so as to encourage new collaboration between participants and to expose them to the possibilities of new research directions. They are likely to cover a large part of the science and technology areas which form the seven thematic priorities. The programmes approved for the period of this project were rapidly-developing areas of mathematics with significant applications in a variety of other mathematical, physical and biological fields and attracted many of the leading researchers world-wide in relevant areas:

Code: Title (Dates)
MAA: Model Theory and Applications to Algebra and Analysis (17 January to 15 July 2005)
DQF: Developments in Quantitative Finance (24 January to 27 July 2005)
PFD: Pattern Formation in Large Domains (1 August to 23 December 2005)
GMR: Global Problems in Mathematical Relativity (8 August to 23 December 2005)
PDS: Principles of the Dynamics of Non-Equilibrium Systems (9 January to 30 June 2006)
LAA: Logic and Algorithms (16 January to 7 July 2006)

The Marie Curie Conferences and/or Training Courses that took place during three of these programmes and therefore formed a connected series of events both wide-ranging and scientifically original. They were:
Event No 1: Quantitative Finance: Developments, Applications and Problems (DQF programme)
Event No 2: Training Course: Pattern Formation (PFD programme)
Event No 3: Developments in Experimental Pattern Formation (PFD programme)
Event No 4: New Directions in Numerical Relativity (GMR programme)
Event No 5: Global General Relativity (GMR programme)
Event No 6: Einstein Constant Equations (GMR programme)
Event No 7: Relaxation Dynamics of Macroscopic Systems (PDS programme)
Event No 8: Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of Interacting Particle Systems (PDS programme)
Event No 9: First Passage and Extreme Value Problems in Random Processes (PDS programme).

They advanced important areas in the programmes and studied them in depth. The range of subjects was broad, from pure mathematics to heavily applied. The events ensured that the work of the Institute at the forefront of research in these specific areas of mathematical sciences was disseminated more widely in the European Community and that more young people were given the opportunity to participate.

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