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Final Activity Report Summary - COSMOLOGY/PARTICLES (REncontres de moriond in particle physics and cosmology)

As foreseen, the project consisted in the organisation of thirteen scientific conferences over four years. Each of them gathered around 120 participants, out of which 75 % would give an oral presentation. The fraction of theoreticians and experimentalists achieved was as anticipated, as well as the fraction of young physicists among the participants and among the speakers. The objectives of bringing together theorists and experimentalists, and of giving young physicists an opportunity to present their own work were therefore achieved.

The Rencontres de Moriond are more than ever recognised as an important element building the community of particle physicists and cosmologists.It is during the four years of the project that the expression 'physics of the two infinities', covering the very strong common interests between researchers on the infinitely small and researchers on the infinitely large, has started to be used, in reference to the French physicist and philosopher Blaise Pascal.

The internal balance was also exactly as anticipated, with the anticipated difficulty that we had to restrict participants from third countries to remain below the limit of 30 %. For all events without exception, proceedings were edited, put on the web, and a paper book was distributed to each participant. All these contributions are still visible, together with all the practical information on the Moriond web site at

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