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Final Activity Report Summary - GSH - GROWTH (Identifying genes involved in environmental sensing and plant growth)

The link between the key cellular antioxidant, glutathione (GSH), and growth of the primary root in plants was investigated using molecular, genomic and genetic techniques. A series of studies were devised and performed on cell cultures using a chemical inhibitor to deplete GSH in living cells to examine the effects of low GSH on cell division. An exciting outcome of these experiments was the demonstration that for the thale cress, Arabidopsis, it appears that GSH is required only when cells are dividing within a developmental context indicating that perhaps it is acting as a signalling component rather than as a detoxifying agent.

By analysing microarray data from root tips and data provided by an industry-linked collaboration this project broke new ground on the GSH growth pathway. This revealed novel genes which may mitigate root growth in response to GSH levels, and these predictions were tested experimentally to delineate a heretofore unknown element in GSH sensing.

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