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Final Activity Report Summary - POISE (Physics of Intersubband Semiconductor Emitters)

The POISE Research Training Network brought together many of Europe's leading groups in the field of intersubb and semiconductor devices, particularly Quantum cascade lasers (QCLs). The aim of the network was to provide high quality training and networking within the framework of one of the most highly topical areas of modern semiconductor physics and technology. The research encompassed a range of fundamental and applied topics. Research highlights included the demonstration of high performance lasers in the 3 µm region, where numerous important spectroscopic and sensing applications exist, the demonstration of the first InP-based THz QCLs, the development of several innovative infrared devices based on non-linear optical processes, the demonstration of THz microresonator and photonic crystal QCLs and key advances in the physics of intersubband polaritons including the first demonstration of an intersubband polariton emission device.

The network provided over 400 months of employment to early stage and experienced researchers, and provided a wide range of training and networking opportunities. Highlights in this area included the POISE summer schools (Cortona 2006, Monte Verita 2008), the latter of which was integrated with the International Workshop in Quantum Cascade Lasers providing maximum training benefit to the attending researchers, and the business / entrepreneurship workshop provided by Alpes Laser in Neuchatel, 2008.

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