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Final Activity Report Summary - SMSMS (Building a set-up for single molecule fluorescence detection. Application to the study of multichromophoric systems with application in molecular photonics ...)

This project is devoted to the investigation of multichromophoric systems with application in molecular photonics and electronics by means of single molecule fluorescence microscopy. With this aim, the work plan for the period covered by this report consisted in the construction of a set-up for single molecule fluorescence measurements in the host institution, as well as the realisation of the first experiments on multichromophoric assemblies.

To begin with, the different optical, electrical and mechanical components necessary to build a scanning confocal microscope with single molecule fluorescence sensitivity were purchased and assembled together. Furthermore, the software required to control the apparatus was prepared. The resulting custom-made microscope allows the localisation of individual chromophore molecules and the monitoring of its emission intensity in time.

Simultaneously, several single molecule experiments on multichromophoric systems were performed in collaboration with the Optical Techniques Group in the University of Twente. In particular, the collective effects in the absorption and emission of long helical polymers decorated with thousands of perylene dyes (perylene polyisocyanides) were investigated. Experiments on individual polymer molecules have shown that although the chromophores absorb the excitation light collectively, the emission arises from multiple individual fluorescent sites. These results unambiguously demonstrate the optical behaviour previously suggested for perylene polyisocyanides: upon collective light absorption in the polymers, the excitation energy is trapped in individual chromophoric sites which eventually emit.

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