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Final Activity Report Summary - OPEN CLUSTERS (Detection and survey of pulsating stars in Open Clusters: a step forwards the Asteroseismology)

The study of OPEN CLUSTERS as associations of stars with same age, metallicity and distance provide us constrains in the stellar models. This is the crucial importance when our object of study is pulsating variable stars populate these clusters because they give additional information on the pulsation modes. In order to observe and to study a sample of open cluster with different physical properties we have acquired a 14-inch telescope and a CCD camera. This equipment will be installed this August. From the theoretical point of view, a new method for the identification of the pulsation modes in gamma Doradus variable stars has been obtained. This tool called frequency ratio method has been already applied to two field stars successfully and now we are going to experiment it in OPEN CLUSTERS with more of two or three gamma Doradus. The first cluster: Pleiades.

In this period, the pulsating stars which will be observed by the space satellite Convection rotation and transits (COROT) have been already selected. Thanks to the ground-based multi-site campaigns carried out by international observatories where the Sierra Nevada Observatory belong to the Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia has participated actively. In this sense, the best scientific achievement performed by the stellar group has been the observation and study of the binary system HD172189. This star has been chosen as secondary target from a large list of candidates.

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