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Final Activity Report Summary - DERMAVIR (Therapeutic Immunization for HIV/AIDS)

The project aimed to build and establish the infrastructure for the development of immune therapies based on the DERMAVIR nanomedicine platform discovered by the chair. The project is focusing on the clinical development if DermaVir Patch, the first DNA based immunotherapy against HIV / AIDS.
The chair moved her laboratory from the US into a new facility in Budapest and built a new world class laboratory for analytical chemistry and molecular biology. The chair transferred the knowledge and development experience regarding DERMAVIR immunisation and platform technology through comprehensive training and teaching activity.

The chair built the Vaccine therapy cluster (VTC, please see online) to support the development of DERMAVIR platform technology and pipeline applications utilising the knowledge triangle of university / academic / industry collaboration.

The chair established a clinical development team which has successfully started the clinical development program of DERMAVIR patch against HIV / AIDS, which is now in phase II clinical development stage.

The chair established a very successful SME genetic immunity commercialising the development results and bring the DERMAVIR patch immunotherapy from the bench to the bedside.

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