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Final Activity Report Summary - AMIDST (Analytical Methods in the Development of Science and Technology of Polymers)

The purpose of this Early Stage Research Training (EST) was to provide young researchers with a comprehensive training in advanced methods of analysis and characterisation of polymer materials. This includes research in how to design and optimize polymer-based materials and processes for advanced technologies in the context of industrial production and market development.

The training area was located and operated in the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research (MPI-P), one of the great centres of academic research in polymer science in Europe, where young researchers can work in a stimulating atmosphere together with many scientists from all over the world. It aimed to provide the fellows with thorough expertise in most modern research instrumentation, taught the development and handling of software tools for polymer materials science, developed understanding of the necessary theoretical background to solve the complex problems of polymer materials research both at the academic level and as a tool for industrial practice. In particular the research part of this EST was concentrated on the characterisation of functional polymers in the context of advanced technologies. This included all aspects of surface and interface science of polymer materials.

The excellent equipment and the interdisciplinary cooperation of the six departments of MPI-P allowed to integrate these aspects in an efficient manner. The following are the main indicators that are used to monitor the successful implementation of the EST.

ADMIST received over 150 applications, from which 23 researchers were selected. All person months were booked until end of the project in 2008.

Gender statistics (ratio of female and male students):
We have recruited 9 female (39 %) and 14 male researcher from European and third countries (6 researchers, 26 %).

Quality of the reports written by the fellows:
Each researcher had to write a regular scientific report and provide it to the advisory board. Reports were attached at the periodic reports.

Quality of oral presentations in seminars and workshops:
Fellows have learnt in a soft skill seminar how to give an oral presentation, prepare a poster and write a paper. The results of these seminars were presented in several group seminars, and over 17 papers by the young researchers.

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