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Final Activity Report Summary - PLACE (Person Localisation in Adverse Complex Environments)

The PLACE project contributes to cutting-edge radar, antenna- and signal processing developments, leading to next generation radar systems, with better performances on detecting, localisation and analysing (moving) persons in complex environments for security purposes. Detection of persons is a very challenging problem because of the very weak echo signal. The scientific challenges are embedded in three research topics:
- signal generation
- agile digital receivers
- system architecture and radar performance.

The PLACE-project offers excellent opportunities for university graduates (MSc degree) to receive early stage training in the field of radar system and receiver design. Hosted at the Advanced Radar Studies Group of Thales Nederland B.V., the fellows are surrounded by the best resources available to do research in this area. Tight cooperation with the Delft University of Technology (the International Research Centre for Telecommunications and Radar (IRCTR)) enhances the effects of the research training.

The fellows are stimulated to learn and to train, but also to contribute to scientific developments. The leading research position of Thales facilitates the fellows to become experts themselves, in their own scientific / technological discipline, with a profound focus on personal development and radar technology. From these perspectives, Thales clearly contributes to promoting research careers within the European Research Area and encourages young researchers to progress into long term research careers.

The overall research results show the actuality of the topics referred to and the quality of the research executed:
- 23 contributions to international conferences
- 33 publications
- 3 patents
- EuMA Radar Prize for Best Paper in Eurad08 conference, Amsterdam, October 2008
- EuMA Radar Prize for Best Paper in Eurad09 conference, Rome, October 2009
- Agilent University Innovation Award, in EuMW08 conference, Amsterdam, October 2008
- Student Travel Award for Top12 student papers in Fusion09 conference, Seattle, July 2009
- EuRAD 2008 Young Engineer Prize runner-up.

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