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Final Activity Report Summary - SOCIALDIALOGWORKBAS (Promoting European excellence in multi-disciplinary research ... in social dialogue and working environment in the Baltic accession States)

This project had as its stated objective: promoting European excellence in multidisciplinary research and teaching in social dialogue and working environment in the Baltic Accession States. Its objectives included:
- to create a means of promoting and transferring excellence in multidisciplinary teaching and research in Baltic States;
- to provide the highest level of expertise in a key area of social and policy concern, namely interconnected issues of social dialogue and working environment affecting the quality of daily working life;
- to encourage, through example and inspiration, the mobility of younger researchers between existing and new Member States with a view to realising critical mass in terms of a dynamic knowledge-based European Research Area (ERA).

By implementation of a structured programme of research activity, the carrying out of policy and empirical research in the three Baltic States of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia over a three year period. This has resulted in peer reviewed international journal article publications, non-peer reviewed publications and stakeholder relevant reports and outputs dealing with Baltic working environment and social dialogue issues. The Baltic working environment and labour (BWEL) survey. Realisation of a cross-national research output in the emerging inter-disciplinary field of field of social dialogue and working environment studies in the Baltic States. The fieldwork survey research of 1 200 employees and 800 employers in each Baltic State was a major achievement. Interviews were conducted using a comprehensive employee questionnaire focusing on attitudes to evolving representational structures of social dialogue and working environment issues, including migration following European enlargement. External / policy / practitioner linked outcomes: recognised visibility of chair with respect to key stakeholders and policy end-users.

By the delivery of a programme of theses supervisions, seminars and teaching provisions at post-graduate and doctoral student levels, illustrating the value of multidisciplinary approaches to research and policy, through ongoing Doctoral and Masters research training and supervisions, and teaching a series of dedicated research courses on new aspects of European integration: social dialogue, working environment and corporate social responsibility in universities across the three Baltic Accession States.

By the provision of individual advice and networking capacities to younger researchers and scholars with a view to encouraging international mobility in European social science, by delivery of advice and information including application references for individual students, participation in events to encourage European researcher mobility including major international conferences, the launching of European Researcher Mobility Centres in Lithuania and Latvia, and participation in two international summer schools and an Easter school.

By the conduct of dissemination activities using both individual presentations and ICT, both in academic contexts, and to wider policy and general audiences, by delivery of refereed and invited papers at academic conferences, research presentations at workshops and stakeholder events focusing on the chair project themes of social dialogue and working environment in the Baltic Accession States, at European, Baltic / Nordic regional level, and in other New Member States. In addition, chair presentations are hosted on various websites of research, civic society and practitioner organisations in the region, while various articles both in English and in national languages have appeared in the press and stakeholder publications dealing with the project research themes at various times over the period of three years.

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