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Final Activity Report Summary - LPTCTF (Lagrangian particle tracking in controlled turbulent flows)

During the project period we have developed an experimental facility specifically aimed at increasing our understanding of the structure of turbulence and the motions of particles in turbulent flows. Turbulence is generated in a water-tank facility, and motions of particles in the fluid are tracked with a high speed digital camera. The flows studied in the experimental facility are nearly isotropic turbulence, homogeneous strained turbulence, and nearly isotropic turbulence with an added mean temperature profile for studying effects of convection on particle motions. Together with our collaborators, we have developed particle tracking algorithm capable of tracking hundreds of particle in three dimensions.

The experiments will allow us to determine single- and multi-particle trajectories of passive tracers and inertial particles in simple and well understood turbulent flows. The motions will be correlated with the large scale anisotropy in the flow with the aim of reflecting on scale interaction. This approach is particularly useful in terms of understanding the small scale statistics, where universality is assumed, but not always obeyed. To maximize the applicability of the results, the facilities that have been developed during the project period allow for a range of flow parameters, and type of flows. The focus is on the geometric evolution of the small scale structures of the flow, both from the Eulerian and the Lagrangian viewpoint.

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