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Final Activity Report Summary - IUS-PAX (Francisco de Vitoria and Hugo Grotius: between objective right and subjective rights)

The Applicant has been cataloguing the codices stored at Portuguese libraries (ms. 3023, Biblioteca Nacional de Lisboa, ms. 44-XII-20, Biblioteca de Ajuda, ms. CXXII/1-17, Biblioteca de Évora) and has prepared an article concerning these manuscripts pertaining to Francisco de Vitoria's commentaries to III Pars of Summa theologiae - titling Intorno a una presunta paternità:Francisco de Vitoria e i manoscritti lisbonesi (ms. 3023, Biblioteca Nacional de Lisboa e ms. 44-XII-20, Biblioteca de Ajuda de Lisboa) [In matter of an Alleged Authorship:- Francisco de Vitoria and the Lisboa Manuscripts (ms. 3023, Biblioteca Nacional de Lisboa, and ms. 44-XII-20, Biblioteca de Ajuda de Lisboa)].

The Applicant has been cataloguing the codices stored at Biblioteca Angelica in Rome and is currently preparing an article concerning such manuscripts pertaining to eminent masters from the Escuela de Salamanca, including several Francisco de Vitoria's disciples.

In addition, the Applicant has edited a book dealing with the concept of natural law from Thomas' age to date and an essay dealing with Francisco de Vitoria's political thought - both works are now in press.

Two contributions by the Applicant went to press.
The first contribution will be published soon in the proceedings of the Filologia e Filosofia. Un rapporto ancora possibile conference. It is titled: L'apporto della Filologia nello studio del pensiero medievale e rinascimentale rinascimentale [Contribution of Philology to the investigation of the thought in Middle Ages and Renaissance]. Said conference proceedings - by the Scientist in charge of the fellow's work, Prof. Letterio Mauro - will be published by Glauco Brigati (2009).
The other contribution is titled: Le fonti teologiche della dottrina de bello in Francisco de Vitoria tra medioevo e età moderna. Nuove letture filologiche e teologico-giuridiche [The theological sources of Francisco de Vitoria's de bello theory. New philological, theological & juridical readings] will be published in the proceedings of the conference 'Santa', 'Giusta', 'Umanitaria'. Il nomen juris della Guerra [The nomen juris of war: holy, legitimate. humanitarian] by Aldo Andrea Cassi (publisher: Giuffré, 2009).

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