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Final Activity Report Summary - POLARITY (Role of Crumbs 3 and its partners in vesicular transport and ciliogenesis)

The aim of this project was to unravel the cellular and molecular role of the polarity proteins of the Crumbs family and some of their partners in retina morphogenesis and physiology in normal and pathological conditions. More precisely, we wanted to analyse the mechanism of action of the proteins of the human Crb3a complex and partners in the vesicular transport underlying the morphogenesis of the apical membrane and primary cilium in human retinal cells.

Our results demonstrate a role of the human Crb3a and one of its new partners in secretion of soluble proteins and in the biogenesis of the primary cilium in a human retinal cell line ARPE19. We have extensively characterized one of the mechanisms of action during the biogenesis of the primary cilium and set up new tools to study the role of proteins in vesicular transport underlying primary cilium biogenesis in cultured cells.

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