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Final Activity Report Summary - NSTSMNP (Novel strategies for the total synthesis of bioactive macrocyclic natural products)

The synthesis of natural products has provided ample opportunities for organic chemist to exercise their creative skills. This creativity has found wider application in the fine chemicals industry, the pharmaceutical industry in particular, and resulted in the development of methodology applicable in a variety of syntheses. The objective of this research project concerned the synthesis of two resorcylate natural products with potential bio-activity, the important anabolic, estrogenic and antibacterial macrolide zearalenone and the potent antifungal agent 15G256ß (previously not synthesized), through concise and simplified biomimetic-like routes.

During this project, we have developed a new strategy for the synthesis of resorcylate natural products using a biomimetic highly-selective late-stage aromatization reaction and its application to concise total syntheses of the antifungal natural products 15G256beta, 15G256iota, the mycotoxin S-(-)-zearalenone, and the related antibiotic natural resorcylates W1278A, B and C.

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