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POLYCOAT Berichtzusammenfassung

Project ID: 505635
Gefördert unter: FP6-NMP
Land: United Kingdom

Final Report Summary - POLYCOAT (Economical exploitation of polymer coated steel sheet in large-scale production of new can types by the European can industry)

The POLYCOAT project aimed to develop polymer coated steel sheet systems as well as design new container configurations from existing or new types of polymer coated steel sheet.

The project addressed the increasing consumer demands for attractive and variform packaging in foods and beverages. The commercial advantages stemming from the use of steel sheets pertain to the elimination of the need for washing and lacquering operation, thereby reducing the cost and environmental impact, steel sheets undergoing highly adaptive formability and attaining shaping properties as well as exhibiting resistance to a wide range of fillings and external corrosion and long shelf-life.

The main output of the project would constitute a body of research knowledge based on validated computational decision support instruments and experimental data, complemented by the results of validation of the industrial prototype forming of polymer coated sheet material and appraisal of various forming processes.

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