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Project ID: 505718
Źródło dofinansowania: FP6-NMP
Kraj: Finland

Final Report Summary - VIM (Virtual injection moulding for improving production efficiency, quality and time-to-market speed)

The Virtual injection moulding for improving production efficiency, quality and time-to-market speed (VIM) project aimed to transform traditional plastic and elastomeric product Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) into knowledge-intensive industries. In order to reach the goal the project set three objectives:
- produce an accurate user-defined simulation tool which corresponds to the needs of the SMEs;
- integrate the VIM in each phase of the production process;
- disseminate the new paradigm all over Europe and train SMEs.

The project led to the development of simulation tools in which factors which affect polymer flow, shrinkage and warpage behaviour have been studied. Therefore, the incorporation of a new viscosity model as well as a solidification model increased the accuracy in flow, warpage and shrinkage simulations. Another simulation has been performed in which different polymeric materials, including amorphous and semi-crystalline plastics, blends, reinforced materials and thermoplastic elastomers have been tested. Simulations concerning the optimisation of various moulding quality features such as sink marks have been performed, as well.

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