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DT-CRYS Résumé de rapport

Project ID: 505580
Financé au titre de: FP6-NMP
Pays: Germany

Final Report Summary - DT-CRYS (Double tungstate crystals: synthesis, characterisation and applications)

The DT-CRYS project aimed to synthesise as well as characterise double tungstate crystals for use in various applications. The objectives of the project consisted in the study of the monoclinic and spectroscopic crystal phases, their growth, their doping and co-doping with rare earth ions such as lanthanide ions, the characterisation of the structural, optical, spectroscopic, magnetic as well as of the thermo-mechanical properties.

The project achieved in synthesising nano-crystalline DTs by dint of two discrete methods, namely a complex sol-gel process as well as a variant of the Pechini method. Highly homogenous nanopowders have been produced this way, with crystalline sizes between 10 and 250 nanometres (nm). Moreover, novel bulk crystals as well as crystal thin film doped layers have been synthesised, the latter by means of the liquid phase epitaxy method. Planar and channel waveguides structures have been produced, as well. Pioneering work has been performed by introducing composite laser structures based on monoclinic DTs which could be used in thin disk laser designs, in face-cooled laser concepts including microchip lasers as well as waveguide lasers. Finally, DTs exhibit multifunctional properties; therefore, the nonlinear properties were investigated for the development of wavelength conversion devices.

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