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Final Report Summary - GUTHEALTH SUPPORT (Networking in Candidate countries towards Food, GI-tract functionality and human health)

The GUTHEALTH SUPPORT Specific Support Action (SSA) provides a valuable accompaniment to European research area in the field of food, GI-tract functionality and human health by expanding challenging forums to all associated candidate countries for conveying the objectives and outcomes of EU research. Through dissemination of research discoveries and innovations to targeted audiences, this measure helped to maximise exploitation of EU research into food, nutrition and health for the benefits to all associated candidate countries and their industry and consumers.

Roadshow workshops in associated candidate countries were successful in reaching versatile audiences including young and senior scientist, students and people from industry and public administration. Audiences varied in different countries typically reflecting national research interests in the target country.

The two weeks laboratory course had an ambitious programme, which was well received by the participants. Of the 20 participants 17 were females - thus the course notably promoted the gender issue. Almost half of the participants were PhD students for whom the course provided a boost for individual research activities. Choosing participants from many different countries also ensured expansion of personal scientific networks.

Invitations of scientists from associated candidate countries to scientific meetings (PROEUHEALTH 2004, LAB8 2005, RRI-INRA 2006) proved to be a successful way of enabling researchers from the new EU Member States / Candidate countries to attend high quality scientific meetings where they could share their research results with colleagues from other countries by presenting posters or giving oral presentations. The fact that far fewer grants covering the costs of attending the meeting were granted than applied for ensured the high quality of the selected presentations.

The GUTHEALTH SUPPORT action facilitated, encouraged and stimulated the participation of researchers and organisations from the Associated Candidate countries into various activities in the field of food, GI-tract functionality and human health research. It comprised knowledge sharing and training activities to promote Candidate country competencies via roadshows, a laboratory training course, and invitations for the researchers from associated candidate countries to participate in scientific meeting. It also established and reinforced networks between member states and associated candidate countries.

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