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HIGH FIELD RESEARCH Sintesi della relazione

Project ID: 505474
Finanziato nell'ambito di: FP6-INFRASTRUCTURES
Paese: France

Final Report Summary - HIGH FIELD RESEARCH (Access to research in very high magnetic fields)

The objectives of the contract were to develop the activities of the Grenoble High Magnetic Field Laboratory, GHMFL, as a facility open to external qualified researchers. During the contract, the GHMFL has encountered three major difficulties:
- the departure of the MPI -Stuttgart contribution at the end of 2004;
- the failure of the superconducting part of our hybrid magnet project to reach 40 T;
- the decrease of the number of researchers.

In spite of these difficulties, several very positive evolutions need to be mentioned, some of them are due to the European spirit introduced by this contract and the multiple interactions it resulted in, as well as by the Euromagnet project in which the GHMFL was involved too.

Several technical aspects have been strongly improved, such as the field intensity, with a value of 34 T now offered to the users, for times (hours) which are only limited by the consumption electricity bill. The polyhelix technique specific to the GHMFL has been developed both to improve the intensity of the magnetic field as to improve its homogeneity (shape of the inner helix, or ferroshimm) and stability (through a NMR probe). All these improvements have been described in the successive annual reports. They are summarised in two graphs prepared by Steffen Krämer who was hired as a permanent staff of the laboratory, after a post-doc in Euromagnet.

In conclusion this TNA allowed a large number of European users to perform their experiments in increasingly large fields, with improved stability and homogeneity which allow now to make high resolution experiments. The 'polyhelix' technique is expensive but it allows to reach large fields with an adjusted design to get the desired homogeneity.

Two 'one-day' users meeting have been organised, one in July 2005 the second one in June 2007. They consisted into a presentation of the main topics studied by various users, and of the results they had obtained thanks to this TNA. The director presented the technical projects of the lab and animated a discussion about the facility.

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