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Project ID: 502935
Gefördert unter: FP6-LIFESCIHEALTH
Land: Italy

Final Report Summary - MAIN (Targeting cell migration in chronmic inflammation)

Chronic inflammation is a prototypic systemic disorder resulting from the dysregulation of multiple, mechanistically unrelated higher order biological processes. In chronic inflammatory diseases a variety of 'inputs' effect the recruitment and activation of immune and inflammatory cells to the site of lesions, thereby amplifying and perpetuating the inflammatory state.

The underlying idea of this five-year proposal was that the most effective strategy to overcome barriers to progress in chronic inflammation is to promote the synergistic interaction of scientists from many disciplines to challenge the aforementioned processes using a reductionist approach.

Based on the above assumptions, this consortium gathered 13 research institutes, 2 SMEs, 48 research groups, 186 researchers and 91 students with outstanding records or promise of research accomplishments, to focus this project on achieving a thorough understanding of a key basic process in chronic inflammation, namely directed inflammatory cell migration towards and across injured tissues.

The MAIN consortium aimed at promoting the integration of multidisciplinary research groups to achieve a thorough understanding of directed inflammatory cell migration towards and across injured tissues. To achieve its goals, MAIN was based on four developmental research programmes (tool development programme, target identification programme, target validation programme and drug development programme) and one core facility (bioinformatics).

The research programmes were tightly interconnected in a logical sequence of highly integrated activities:
- the Tool development programme (TDP) has developed technological tools that are instrumental to make advancements in the field of cell migration as pertains to imaging, proteomics and RNA interference;
- the Target identification programme (TIP) identified signalling pathways and / or molecular networks involved in defined aspects of inflammatory cell migration;
- the Target validation programme (TVP) has validated targets emerging from the TIP by testing them across in vitro and in vivo models, different inducing stimuli and manipulating conditions;
- the Drug development programme (DDP) has focused on developing high content, high throughput assays amenable to test compound libraries;
- tools developed by the TDP (imaging, microarrays and proteomics) and the bioinformatics core provided technological and biocomputational support to the programs.

To spread excellence through education and training, MAIN has implemented a Training and education programme (TEP), with practical courses and workshops for graduate students and technicians.

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