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Final Report Summary - TRAINNET FUTURE (Training Network for National Contact Points and support organisations with special focus on Candidate Countries in the areas of Food Quality and Safety)

The main objective of TRAINNET FUTURE was to enable the highest possible standard in view of the support and services for Sixth and Seventh Framework Programme (FP6/FP7) participants, particularly in new Member States and candidate countries. This high standard can only be reached, if well-trained and qualified personnel is available at the "service centres" - the National Contact Points - for the research communities.

The effect of the measures overtaken by the TRAINNET FUTURE project was well-trained NCPs for the thematic priority "Food, Agriculture and Fisheries and Biotechnology" in FP7. They had the expertise and skills to provide tailored services and assistance to the researchers, particularly from new Member States and candidate countries. This will lead to an increased number of successful participants from such countries in FP projects and foster cooperation between research communities from the EU-15, new Member States and candidate countries, thus contributing to the creation of a real European Research Area (ERA).

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