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Final Report Summary - CLEANHAND (Preventing hospital deaths by securing efficient hand disinfection through an automatic, easy to use, environmentally friendly and verifiable disinfection process)

The objective of the CLEANHAND project was to develop an automated and quality controlled hand disinfecting and cleaning technology, targeting primarily the health care sector. A prototype machine was designed and constructed, consisting of the following modules:
1. a low pressure fluid spraying system, able to evenly and completely spray human hands with disinfectant fluid;
2. an automated system that utilised spent refills for the disposal of waste fluid;
3. a computer vision component that detected jewellery on the hands of the user;
4. a wireless system based on radio frequency identification (RFID) technology;
5. a flexible, power full and low cost control system;
6. user login and wireless reporting software;
7. an industrially designed cabinet.

The mass production cost of the proposal was calculated and turned out to be competitive in comparison to commercial alternatives. In addition, the prototype passed the European EN-1500 'hygienic hand rub' test, which was applicable in the health care sector, and demonstrated 37 % less bacteria on the hands of the users in comparison to the standard reference test. As a result, the developed technology could result in significant savings in terms of cost, human lives and suffering due to harmful contaminations from working in or visiting a health care institution.

Based on these promising findings a significant effort was undertaken towards disseminating and commercially exploiting the project results. Finally, spin off projects for the development of associated software and state of the art disinfectant fluids based on nanotechnology were launched.

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