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Final Report Summary - WEB-ENV (Development of environmental guidelines for the region of Western Balkans)

The main objective of WEB-ENV project was the development of general environmental guidelines concerning the region of western Balkan countries (WBCs), with a particular focus on water resources, renewable energy and use of recycled materials. More specifically, the project attempted to examine the western Balkans' ecosystem for major environmental problems in order to propose techniques for their remediation and develop environmental guidelines for managing the emerging issues.

Firstly, an extensive mapping exercise was undertaken to identify and evaluate the existing problems. An environmental map was subsequently produced based on its findings. Secondly, a report containing possible remediation technologies and an environmental legislation report, which reviewed the currently implemented environmental policies, were prepared. Moreover, a preliminary feasibility study was undertaken with the aim to propose optimal solutions to particular problems. Finally, a guidelines' report was prepared, containing a generic approach for managing environmental problems.

Participants from different countries were organised in national expert groups (NEGs) that exchanged information during periodic WEB-ENV events, such as workshops and meetings. A website was also launched to facilitate communication. The dissemination of the project findings was ensured via a series or relevant activities, such as open workshops, participation in conferences and preparation and distribution of the WEB-ENV support documentation.

the project was likely to have a significant impact on environmental management, since its outcomes could serve as preliminary tools for decision support and motivate further analysis and environmental restoration.

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