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Final Report Summary - MUSSELHARVEST (Development of a cost-effective technique for mussel harvesting combined with product control and retubing)

The ultimate aim of the MUSSELHARVEST project was to develop a cost-effective, fully integrated mussel harvester specifically designed for the harvesting, grading and retubing of mussels from longline systems. In order to achieve the aim of the project the following objectives were set:
- the development of two different devices: one that, in conjunction with a retubing machine, would mechanically or automatically attach securely the retubed mussel sock to the longline backbone and the other one that would mechanically or automatically detach the mussel dropper from the longline backbone prior to the stripping of mussels from the dropper;
- the development of a cost-efficient stripper with the ability to minimise mussel damage;
- the development of a grader capable of sorting the mussels with respect to size, weight and food content;
- a starwheel hauler with the ability of dragging the harvesting vessel along the longline;
- a hydraulic power pack for the system with an integrated control system.

Furthermore, the harvesting system ought to harvest a variety of types of rig systems consisting of single or double longlines.

Two separate pilot systems were produced which were used for two different functional tests, namely one for putting out mussel seed collectors and socks and the other one for mussel harvesting and grading.

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