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Final Report Summary - AMAY (Aloe vera - maximising yield of effective compounds and development of cosmetic products with standardised content of these compounds)

The AMAY project aimed to address a method to assess the valuable natural ingredients, especially of aloe vera, to derive natural cosmetic products with standardized content of these compounds. For this purpose, the project aimed to obtain:
- exchange of best practices for plantations (maximising yield) regarding soil quality, cultivation methods, plant cultivar;
- isolation and quantification of aloverose by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR);
- development and testing of new products with standardised content of effective compound.

The project had two main strategic objectives. On the one hand to investigate the dependence of aloe vera cultivation parameters and the content on active compounds leading to the growth of plants allowing for a maximum yield of these active components. On the other hand, AMAY aimed to develop an analysis method, which allows the determination of active components in Aloe Vera and to derive, therefore, natural cosmetic products with a standardised and certifiable Aloverose content.

The work performed mainly focused on determining whether the content of effective compounds in the plants varies because of the outer conditions, by means of analysing the macronutrients in the soil of the aloe vera plantations and comparing the cultivation methods and the climatic conditions.

Furthermore, another area of focus was the isolation and purification of the active compounds of aloe vera for further structural analysis by NMR. It was foreseen to develop an alternative test in order to compare the results obtained with the NMR, with a cheaper but yet reliable methodology. The next step was to develop cosmetic products containing standardised amount of the active compound and to test the product regarding safety and efficacy.

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