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Final Report Summary - SAFEFOODNET (Chemical food safety network for the enlarging Europe)

The aim of the SAFEFOODNET project was to harmonise and integrate the infrastructures and activities of the new member countries and associated candidate countries in the field of chemical food safety with those of old Member States and to provide the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) with an expert network in the field of chemical food safety.

The project included a systematic survey and comparison of the tools and systems in the new EU Member States and applicant countries to secure safe food to the population. The surveys were directed to collect information on sources of dietary data in individual countries and another focusing on strategies/approaches and capabilities of monitoring food chemical contamination. Such information will be organised in 'country profiles' where strengths, weaknesses and training needs will be described and discussed, and further steps forward identified. In addition, a network of scientists, researchers, institutions which will be able to address the several different aspects related the chemical contaminants in food will be available for all stakeholders.

The surveys forms a template for recommendations how to improve the chemical food safety management in the participating countries.

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