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BRAVE Résumé de rapport

Project ID: 513628
Financé au titre de: FP6-POLICIES
Pays: France

Final Report Summary - BRAVE (Bee research and virology in Europe - identifying the research needs for protecting European agriculture and ecosystems against viral diseases)

The BRAVE project was the result of a call under the European Commission's (EC's) Sixth Framework Research and Development Programme (FP6) in the area of policy-oriented research. The primary focus assigned to this Specific Support Action (SSA) was to assess the level of risk and the likely consequences for bees and other closely related pollinators of the introduction of bee viruses to European colonies of honeybees and ecosystems, and to provide advice to the EC on appropriate protective measures to prevent further incursions and spread.

The main aims of the BRAVE project were to:
- contribute actively to facilitate knowledge and skills transfer by establishing closer contact and collaboration between researchers and European advisors within the research area of bee virus diseases;
- identify significant gaps in the scientific knowledge required to support the formulation and integration of policy in the field of enzootic and emerging diseases.

BRAVE sought to fulfil its aims with the following activities:
a) holding two meetings:
- a plenary scientific meeting which gathered two categories of experts, namely experts with a broad base of skills in insect virology, diagnosis, immunology, disease epidemiology, international trade, policy formulation and disease risk assessment, as well as scientists involved in fundamental and applied research on bees and related pollinator species;
- an expert workshop: using the proceedings and conclusions of the first meeting, the second three-day meeting was a workshop which aimed to identify future research priorities for integrating a European research effort in bee virus diseases in support of Community Policy;
b) creating a website for communicating the BRAVE contents and the results of the scientific meetings to the public
c) publishing the proceedings and recommendations of the two meetings
e) disseminating the proceedings.

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