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Final Report Summary - QUALITYMEAT (Survey on the research landscape in the Associated Candidate Countries for monitoring and promoting good quality meat production - the whole food-chain ...)

The ultimate aim of the QUALITYMEAT project was to implement a survey on the research landscape in the Associated candidate countries (ACC) for monitoring and promoting good quality meat production. The global objective of the project was to support researchers from ACC to prepare and submit projects through screening research establishment active in the project's field, collecting contact details and creating a detailed database of researchers and research organisations. The specific objectives of the project were to:
- implement a public web page which would contain information about project objectives, partners, services offered, events organized by project, opportunities in the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) and initiatives in interested areas, project already financed, as well as project ideas. The most important part of this web page would be a partner search mechanism allowing easy access to database information and adding new profiles, as well;
- create a database of researchers and research centres focusing on the specific field in the ACC. 154 institutions with a research potential in the field of poultry and pork good quality meat production were recognised, 72 of which expressed interest in QUALITYMEAT project workspace and 190 researchers profiles were collected in the database;
- organise a series of information days and brokerage events.

An increase of Bulgarian, Hungarian, polish, Romanian, Slovakian and Cyprian participation in Food Priority calls in FP6 was noticed with partners from institutions taking part in the QUALITYMEAT activities.

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