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Project ID: 512061
Financiado con arreglo a: FP6-LIFESCIHEALTH
País: Germany

Periodic Report Summary - EPG (European virtual institute for functional genomics of bacterial pathogens)

The ultimate aim of the EPG project was to form a network of leading European researchers in order to establish the European Research Area (ERA) as an area of excellence in research into infectious diseases caused by bacterial pathogens. The specific objectives of the project were to:
- stimulate multidisciplinary collaborative research activities;
- create a European training facility for teaching scientists and physicians;
- foster biotechnological applications and technology transfer to European companies.

The major objective in the field of research was to structure and organise the overwhelming mass of genomic information that had become available, regarding both microorganisms and their hosts, into schemes allowing one to decipher the cross talks between pathogens and commensals and their host cells and tissue targets. Most importantly, the critical mass established attracted the interest and collaboration of leading laboratories in other related basic disciplines, heightening the potential for incisive multi-disciplinary accomplishments.

Based on this strong research background, high-level teaching was organised at both graduate and postdoctoral levels, both in national institutions, capitalising on the current 'cutting edge' research, and in European courses and workshops. Exchange programmes were also designed to facilitate international and multidisciplinary development.

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