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MULTIBROK Sintesi della relazione

Project ID: 510315
Finanziato nell'ambito di: FP6-NMP
Paese: Romania

Final Report Summary - MULTIBROK (Multi-brokerage system on composite and nano-composite area to build new partnership and launch project proposal in South East of Europe)

The project MULTIBROK aimed to increase the awareness and to build new partnerships for launching new European project proposals with large participation of South Eastern European SMEs, industrial companies and research units.

The South Eastern Europe companies are now on the way to benefit from their countries closer and closer way to European integration. On RTD area the steps are often much difficult to be done and, still, in many cases, their connection with the actual member State companies are leading to few number of mutual projects. There is a need for brokerage events to intensify these connections. It is noted that the industrial applications of composites and nano-composites are needed in this part of Europe and local economies offer an important number of industrial companies and research units which are working on this large issue.

The Centre for Technologic and Industrial Cooperation (CCTI) has been the contractor for MULTIBROK project and has been acting as a single participant in project, but has been preparing the events and fulfilling the objectives of the projects in collaboration with other organisations, local or European.

The area of interest was focused on composites and nano-composites:
- thermoplastics;
- polymer films for packaging;
- synthetic fibres;
- adhesives.

The project was structured into the preparation and organization of three regional brokerage events in Romania, in three different cities (Bucharest, Constanta, Timisoara) on topics indicated above.

The CCTI was looking for the preparation of events with 35 - 40 companies (local and outside from Romania) and launching of 6 - 8 new project ideas (applied research, and partnerships between research units and industrial companies or SMEs).

As a whole, the project specific objectives were:
- 20-22 new project proposals launched (6-8 per brokerage event);
- each project proposal would be a partnership research-industry;
- each project proposal would have a SME as coordinator;
- each project proposal would have at least four participating countries.

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