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Project ID: 511165
Financiado con arreglo a: FP6-SOCIETY
País: Belgium

Final Report Summary - PENCIL (Permanent European Resource Centre for Informal Learning)

PENCIL was a three-year project, funded by the European Commission (EC) under the Sixth Framework Program (FP6), which provided practitioners, policy makers and researchers with a unique opportunity to examine, in detail, the manner in which science museums and science centres may integrate their activities and resources with those of local schools. The project promoted a series of initiatives in which science museums and science centres worked closely with teachers to develop practices which exploit the learning opportunities provided by both contexts.

These initiatives included, among other developments, discussions about the use of informal teaching methodologies which aim to enhance student motivation; the involvement of stakeholders -such as teachers and students- in the design of museum and science centre exhibits and programmes; and approaches for enhancing both teachers and students understanding of the nature of contemporary science.

Each of the fourteen PENCIL projects was led by a Pilot project coordinator (PPC) who was responsible for planning the projects and building partnerships with local schools. The PPCs were also responsible for conducting the internal evaluations of their projects.

Although the fourteen pilot projects varied in content and approach, all the projects sought to explore ways to strengthen the relationships between formal and informal learning contexts. In this way, PENCIL created of a network of institutions across Europe and Israel each sharing a common goal. Twice yearly face-to-face meetings and weekly online chatroom discussions supported communication across the network with the intention that, despite differences in the local context, the lessons learnt in one country would be relevant to the work planned, and ongoing, in another.

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