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Project ID: 511180
Źródło dofinansowania: FP6-SOCIETY
Kraj: France

Final Report Summary - ESTI (EIROforum European Science Teachers Initiative)

ESTI was an integrated programme of major events, training, and support designed to improve science teaching in schools throughout Europe, to establish new links between the worlds of research and schools, to create novel educational resources, and to make science more attractive to students. This wide-reaching initiative was part of an intensive collaboration launched by the seven European intergovernmental research organisations (EIROforum) in support of the aims of the European Research Area and comprised three main activities:
- the execution of two international 'Science on stage' science teaching festivals, with associated national and international activities, covering approximately 30 countries;
- the establishment of the European 'Science in school' science education journal, published on a quarterly basis;
- the development of educational resources related to modern biology under the Volvox project.

The first two activities were carried out by the EIROforum consortium of research organisations. The third activity was carried out by another consortium under a subcontract between the contract coordinator (European Space Agency, ESA) and the University of Reading.

The 'Science on stage' and 'Science in school' activities had three shared objectives:
- to rekindle teachers' excitement in science through major, high-profile festivals, new opportunities for training, and new mechanisms to exchange the best teaching practices across national and disciplinary boundaries; to give them valuable new teaching resources based on cutting-edge science;
- to create unique new opportunities for European scientists to participate in education related events and to acquire didactic skills;
- to identify and monitor trends related to the current crisis in the choice of scientific careers and scientific literacy observed in Europe.

The Volvox project aimed to help to enliven school biology teaching, so that more young Europeans will continue to study biological science, follow scientific careers and, as engaged citizens, help to shape Europe's scientific culture and economy. To achieve its aims, Volvox aimed to:
- implement mechanisms to help teachers, scientists and others develop, exchange, translate and adapt resources for biology teaching;
- identify barriers that prevent the exchange of new and novel ideas between those with a professional interest in bioscience education;
- investigate practical means of enhancing the uptake of new and novel ideas by European biology teachers;
- investigate ways in which such innovation networks can be expanded to create a 'critical mass' and so become sustainable.

Finally and very importantly, ESTI created new mechanisms to involve researchers directly in education programmes, giving the next generation of scientists practical skills in teaching and communication. ESTI expanded existing networks of teachers, scientists, education experts and others, developed new partnerships, and tied them together through a new European science teaching journal.

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