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Final Report Summary - ENVIRFOOD (Environmental friendly food production system: Requirements for plant breeding and seed production)

The ENVIRFOOD project focussed on environmental friendly food production systems and aimed to identify requirements for plant breeding and seed production.

The central project event was a four days seminar, which motivated discussions between plant breeders, specialists of variety testing, seed control institutions, representatives from ministries of agriculture, specialists of adviser services, agronomists and seed producers from the Baltic States. Problems regarding the implementation of European regulations, which were connected to the development of organic agriculture, were addressed during the event. Moreover, a comparison between the Baltic States and other European countries was performed.

The current situation in the involved countries was extensively analysed and useful conclusions on the necessary policy measures were derived for all issues under consideration. Information was collected using various techniques, such as questionnaires, laboratory experiments, international experience and literature reviews. The seminar attempted to holistically analyse the organic agriculture sector, focussing on various questions that ranged from seeds' production to marketing and commercialisation of the final products. The seminar resulted in numerous reports that disseminated the project results on:

1. organic plant breeding
2. organic varieties' testing
3. organic seed production
4. organic food and feed quality
5. exposition and marketing of organic food products.

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