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Final Report Summary - GMO-COMPASS (GMO communication and safety evaluation platform)

The GMO-COMPASS project aimed to establish a European consumer oriented website that would easily provide comprehensible information regarding safety evaluation of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and GMO products. The information on risk analysis, assessment and risk management was embedded in the general GMO debate and was closely linked to political, legal and socioeconomic aspects along the food chain.

The project complemented the existing data supply and transparency measures of European institutions and state bodies, as well as the websites of lobby groups and scientific organisations. The consumer was reached by offering science based information which could be useful in affecting public discussion and opinion formation. More specifically, the project objectives were to:

1. ensure stronger presence of knowledge based information in the public discussion
2. provide comprehensive data addressed to informed consumers
3. increase trust in the food industry through process transparency
4. develop a platform for dialogue and discussions on 'green' technology.

GMO-COMPASS was organised in distinct, yet interrelated, work packages (WPs) which undertook various activities. Firstly, a strategy to ensure European-wide implementation of the project findings was identified. The project website was subsequently established, in English and German, containing information on approval procedures and safety assessments for GMOs. Moreover, an online discourse between the project participants, stakeholders and consumers was performed. Additional initiatives concerned project management, marketing and media relations of the project.

GMO-COMPASS was successfully realised in spite of deviations from the original proposal that occurred during the project course. Important conclusions for further development of the website and maximisation of its impact were derived, while useful statistical information on the website users was collected, allowing for estimating necessary optimisation activities.

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