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NANOLOGUE Résumé de rapport

Project ID: 516883
Financé au titre de: FP6-NMP
Pays: Germany

Final Report Summary - NANOLOGUE (Facilitating the dialogue between research, business and the civil society to improve the quality of life, create wealth and reduce impacts to society)

The ultimate aim of the NANOLOGUE project was to help establish a common understanding concerning social, ethical and legal aspects of nanotechnology applications and to facilitate a Europe-wide dialogue amongst science, business and civil society about its benefits and potential impacts.

NANOLOGUE consisted of three steps:
- A mapping study on recent publications and developments regarding selected nanotechnology applications and Ethical, legal and social aspects (ELSA) to lay a common ground for the subsequent steps. With the aim of initiating a dialogue based on applications close to the market and with relevance to various ELSA, the areas of materials, medicine and life-sciences, as well as energy were pre-selected as priority areas for the project;
- dialogue sessions for an inclusive and neutral platform for information and opinion exchange and discussion. Interviews were held with researchers and civil society representatives in order to substantiate findings and opinions;
- scenario and tool development to translate the insights gained for easy communication on the potential implications. The project partners developed three scenarios on the future of nanoscience published in 'We need to talk: the future of nanotechnology'. Insights gained throughout the project were also used for the design of the Nanometer - an internet-based tool assessing societal implications of nanotechnology.

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